Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Andrea Bellmont

New York City, a romance conference, two established erotic romance writers meet and venture into another world, the world of BDSM.
She’s finally confident and sexy, after years of self-doubt. He’s found a partner he can be dominant with and now wants more. He wants her love. She’s fallen hard. He wants to own her. She needs to belong to him completely.
Not even two countries and thousands of miles can keep two hearts from each other. Nor can it keep them from the strongest bonds of love, leaving the vanilla world behind.
In a decadent purple dungeon on the Upper East Side of New York City two people connect. They discover they have the same hidden desires and fall in love.

EXCERPT: Bonds of Love

Leighton had been quite specific about how I was to be dressed tonight. What he asked me to wear was deliciously decadent. First, he emphasized the color black. Next he requested some black sexy underwear, black heels at least three inches tall, a garter belt, and something black and clingy. I meant to deliver and had my purchases in my hands as I left the shopping mall.
I’d gone on line snooping around at the BDSM clubs in my area. I’d never seek out one of these clubs alone. I wasn’t even sure I’d like going to this dungeon or playroom. However, with him this seemed all right, natural and arousing. My anticipation level was high, very high. Tonight was all I could think about.
I was to meet him at the same hotel bar at eight tonight. When I entered, he sat at the bar in black trousers and black raw silk shirt. I noticed his socks and shoes were black setting off his rugged goods looks and weakening me in the knees. I was in deep trouble. No man had ever affected me the way he was. I found myself gripping the leather banister around the bar. Then he smiled. I lost my breath and my heart began to pump wildly in my chest. He excited me and so did the little adventure he had planned. I was on my way to my first dungeon. I was already wet with anticipation.
“I have a limo waiting for us. We’ll have dinner with my friends, then we’ll play.”
“Yes, baby, from the minute that gin and tonic splashed on me and my eyes beheld your lovely face, playing with you is the first scenario that came to my mind. The next scenario involved making you cum, watching you cum, and controlling you. Then I fucked you, watched my dick slide inside of you. Yes, baby, I want to play with you all night.” His tall body closed in on me, he let his breath caress the tops of my breasts the cleavage ample and licentious.
I shivered at his words. I’d go with him. I’d experience what he had to offer. For the first time in my life I was letting go, allowing my inhibitions to run free. I hoped he’d enjoy the lacey number I had on, black and sexy, as he requested. My pussy was wet, my mouth numb and my libido off the wall. Yet being with him gave me a strong sense of security, a need to relinquish all that I was to him. I knew I’d call him Sir tonight.

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