Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My views on BDSM..............Domme or Dom

Domme or Dom  ?????

The Dom, a man to reckon with.. A man who wants his own way in all things, but makes sure his submissive gets what she needs. He can be cruel and caring. His arms must be open and ready to take care of his sub. She'll rely on him for all her needs. And the Master loves her, there is no greater partnership.

The Domme, woman who must control. She's sexially domineering and will make sure her submissive gives her what she wants, ultimate, orgasm. She also must take care of her sub, and can be cruel and yet caring. Her sub needs what she has to offer. When both parties agree this relationship works even better with love.
I consider my self a dominant woman so I've been told I fix in the role of Domme nicely. I've experienced play acting out this role as Domme and as a submissive. What do I favor its truly a toss up. A Master has told me every woman will submit to the right man and I disagree. I can't see myself sitting at any man's feet or crawling to him. Sorry i see the man I want kneeling crawling to me. Can I inflict pain. I'd like to be properly trained in doing so, so the answer cleary is yes. I want to explor this way of life-lifestyle if you so chose to call it, so I am being trained by a Master. I am impressed with him so far. He calm, cool collect and very intelligent. Is he sex, yes, I know what he looks like and he'd put Christian Gray to shame. But one needs to put the sexual aspect of my training aside for now. I am learning about myself and here's the real problem. You must delve deep, bring to the surface things that happened to you during your life time. 
I have control issues. I have self-control issues as well. Wisely I've been told yoy can never really controll another person. So that shoots one theory down doesn't it. We'll go on with this as my training progesses.